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Gastroenterology powered by AI


A game changer in CRC prevention

Research¹ shows that for every per cent increase in adenoma detection, there is a 3 per cent decrease in the occurrence of Colorectal Cancer (CRC), the third most prevalent cancer worldwide, and one of the deadliest.
In this reality, it is no surprise that colonoscopy aided by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, which power diagnostic capabilities, and significantly improve clinical decision-making, has become the new standard in high-preforming gastroenterology clinics.

The Magentiq Eye difference

Dedicated to the use of advanced technologies to transform diagnostic capabilities in the gastroenterology field,
we offer an incomparable combination of performance, efficiency and economic value.






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A new benchmark for AI aided colonoscopy

With more than 65,000,000 frames processed, analyzed and tagged over the course of seven years, and validation from a comprehensive study covering more than 950 patients in10 centers across the globe, our outstanding diagnostic capabilities are setting new standards.

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MAGENTIQ-COLO™ is easy to use and adds to quality in the procedure room. By using such AI products, we found in a recent study that less polyps were missed, the ADR increased, and more lives are potentially saved.

Prof. Peter Siersema, MD, Ph.D
Senior gastroenterologist & researcher, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands & Editor-in-Chief, Endoscopy Journal

I’m very pleased with the MAGENTIQ-COLO™ product. The system fits extremely well to the gastroenterology clinics and assists the doctors during colonoscopy. Thanks to the AI detection more polyps can be detected.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Helmut Neumann
Internationally recognized internist & gastroenterologist

MAGENTIQ EYE’s clinical study which Hadassah took part in, is (to the best of my knowledge), the largest randomized, blinded, international, multi center control trial ever done on AI and polyp detection. It sets new standards of colonoscopy performance, with a 37% relative increase in APC, a 26% relative increase in ADR, and a 48% relative decrease in AMR. 

Dr. Harold Jacob, MD
Director of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy at Hadassah University Medical Center

Public systems investing in mass screening are concerned with the quality of colonoscopy, but with MAGENTIC COLO they can guarantee that the “worst” quality colonoscopy achieves the same level of accuracy as the best. This is not only life saving but also reduces the financial burden of transitioning into mass screening from about 10 years,  to between 2-6. This is a game changer.

Jen Kees Dunning
Healthcare Consultant, Netherlands

Magentiq Eye’s AI product is very helpful in endoscopy and their service is excellent. The cooperation with Magentiq Eye during the pivotal clinical study was great.

Dr. Marc Landsman, MD
Senior Internist & Gastroenterologist and Fellowship Program Director, MetroHealth Medical Center, Ohio
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Lancet Digital Health Confirms MAGENTIQ-COLO™ AI-aided Colonoscopy Technology Improves ADR

Research in prestigious journal places novel polyp detection system at highest level of performance in AI-aided colonoscopy category    

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