A new benchmark for AI aided colonoscopy


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CE Mark
since 2021

FDA Clearance
since 2023





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EU Horizon 2020

How it works

MAGENTIQ-COLO™ maintains the clinical workflow of the colonoscopy procedure, aiding the gastroenterologist detect polyps with additional information (size category & type), on the consistency of  the detected lesion. 


The MAGENTIQ-COLO™ computing device acquires digital video output signals from the local endoscopy tower* and runs deep learning and supporting algorithms in real time.

*compatible with leading systems including Olympus, Fujinon, Pentax, and Sonoscape


Video output with the detected polyps highlighted by a bounding box, appears on the main screen or on a separate screen, during the course of the procedure, drawing the gastroenterologist’s attention to suspicious areas.


Size category & type can be presented on the left side of the screen, giving the gastroenterologist additional information on the consistency of  the detected lesion. 


At the end of the procedure, recorded videos with or with-out highlighting bounding boxes can be saved and exported for further examination.


Finally, the MAGENTIQ-COLO™ produces a report which includes the duration of the procedure and finding. The report is presented on the MAGENTIQ-COLO™ monitor and can be exported.

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Adenoma Detection Rate
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Sessile Serrated APC


Superior product performance & unique features

At the forefront of technology with advanced features today, and in future versions

Polyp size, category and type in real-time with no user intervention

Seamless operation with type and size categories appearing immediately after detection, with no required user intervention or a tool appearing on the image.

Outstanding frame-wise sensitivity

Bounding boxes on almost every frame in which polyps appear, even if the polyp appeared only for a short time, giving a higher probability that doctor pays attention to every detected polyp

Designed to provide both clinical & financial values

Highest detection capabilities, attractive business model.

Monthly rental business model
Low upfront
Always updated software
software updates
Two hardware options
  • Processor-only:

    computer unit attaches and mounts to existing hardware, for both space-and cost-saving

  • On a cart:

    a fully equipped portable cart with computer processor & touch screen

Groundbreaking comprehensive study & leading hospital validation

Efficiency is independent of clinic medical equipment, endoscopist’s experience
and geography

View study

Accuracy validated in a diverse
comprehensive study

medical centers
endoscopy experts

Demonstrated successful
in 16 renown clinical locations in Israel, Europe and US

Hadassah Medical Center, Israel
Hadassah Medical Center, Israel
Assuta Medical Centers, Israel (3 locations)
Assuta Medical Centers, Israel (3 locations)
Shamir Medical Center, Israel
Shamir Medical Center, Israel
Haemek Hospital, Israel
Haemek Hospital, Israel
Mainz University Medical Center, Israel
Mainz University Medical Center, Israel
GastroZentrum Lippe Klinik, Germany
GastroZentrum Lippe Klinik, Germany
Diako Mannheim, Germany
Diako Mannheim, Germany
Theresienkrankenhaus Mannheim, Germany (2 locations)
Theresienkrankenhaus Mannheim, Germany (2 locations)
Radboud University Medical Center, The Netherlands
Radboud University Medical Center, The Netherlands
John Hopkins University, USA
John Hopkins University, USA
Columbia University Medical Center, USA
Columbia University Medical Center, USA
MetroHealth System, USA
MetroHealth System, USA
Erlanger Health System, USA (2 locations
Erlanger Health System, USA (2 locations

Coming in the next software update

Improved post-procedure reporting
Withdrawal time calculation

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