Designed to provide both clinical & financial values

As the best performing solution in the market, MAGENTIQ-COLO™ takes the advantages of AI aided colonoscopy, and multiplies their value
The medical incentive

Increasing ADR decreases CRC by threefold, and lowers mortality rates

Although colonoscopy has become the standard of care in most developed countries, high missed rates and undetected adenoma during colonoscopy procedures means that even patients that are being regularly screened, are still at risk of developing colon cancer.

A missed polyp can lead to interval cancer which account for approximately 8-10% of all Colorectal Cancer (CRC) in the US alone, that’s over 13,500 cancer cases that could be prevented every year, with better detection.
In fact, research¹ shows that for every per cent increase in adenoma detection, there is a 3 per cent decrease in the occurrence of CRC, and a 5 per cent decrease in patient mortality rate of this type of cancer, which is
the third most prevalent cancer worldwide, and one of the deadliest.

In this reality, it is no surprise that colonoscopy aided by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, which power diagnostic capabilities, and significantly improve clinical decision-making, has become the new standard in high-preforming gastroenterology clinics.

Our clinical trial shows that MAGENTIQ-COLO™ relatively increases ADR by 26%.
In absolute values this is a 7% difference in ADR which is translated to a 21%
decrease CRC occurrence and 35% decrease in mortality.

The financial incentive

Additional income from more colonoscopies performed, and more adenomas resected, and saving on CRC treatment

As detection capabilities improve, colonoscopy becomes more widely-excepted as a preventive screening procedure, and patients have a greater incentive to get tested. In addition, patients with detected adenomas are required to perform colonoscopy more frequently (every 1-3 years instead of every 5 or 10).
Furthermore, in the US and some European countries, medical centers are reimbursed further if polyps are resected, this translates into an additional income for better performing clinics. 
And finally, prevention always costs less than treatment, presenting a huge financial incentive to HMOs and health insurers.

With a 26% increase in ADR, better than any other AI aided colonoscopy solution in the market, the financial incentive to use MAGENTIQ-COLO™ is greater than with any
other competitor.

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